The Divine and Inspirational – a show featuring my angel-themed works

One of the recurring themes that has emerged in my Iconics / poetics series is of angels. I’m not alone – it’s in fact the gorgeous works of artists throughout time that have inspired my own exploration of this figure in art. The gallery Chilton & Chadwick of Old Greenwich, Connecticut is featuring these works in their holiday show, opening December 12, 2018 – including the one on the show invitation.

Old Greenwich is one of my favorite places, discovered only after my parents moved to Connecticut some time ago. Its beautiful preserve, Tom’s Point, drew me in with its beach and winding trail with stunning views of New York’s skyline. The discreet village is refreshingly unpretentious compared to the fancy facades of its neighbor, Greenwich.

The Chilton & Chadwick gallery is in the heart of the town. They provide art consulting services for collectors.

The Divine and Inspirational
Opening December 12, 2018
6-8 pm
Chilton & Chadwick Gallery
279 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT

View the show page on my studio website