Redesign Donne in Vaticano | D.VA

Design Notes

Over two years ago I had the opportunity to work with Donne in Vaticano – an organization within the Vatican that organizes cultural and social events. The website has three faces: public, members-only and editorial. The function of the original site I created remained the same, but it received a fresher and more modern appearance, according to the client’s vision.

Key elements of the site remained the same. However, as an organization evolves, the needs of its website can change. My client decided to reduce the amount of editorial content and instead place and emphasis on activity and involvement. Furthermore, the colors were changed to reflect a contemporary look. Inside the members area, unused features were trimmed back so users could easily access what is most important to them.

Site redesigns like these are a pleasure for me, as it allows me a chance to make sure clients’ sites are always fitting their currents needs while being stylish and functional.