From Manuscript to Museum | A Richly Visual Project

A forthcoming exhibit featuring restored manuscripts from the Franciscan archives of Assisi has opened a world of design exploration and collaboration. As the lead designer for the branding the show, entitled Laudato Sie: nature and science, my role encompasses the design of the show’s logo, palette and graphic style. 

The design process began in a series of trips to the Biblioteca of the Sacro Convento in Assisi, where I had the unique  opportunity to peruse and photograph the precious texts under the guidance of the head of the library and the show’s curator. A visit to the restoration lab in Praglia was also part of my research – to understand the entire process and witness the meaning of the work. 

Designing the exhibition’s logo involved extracting and reinterpreting a typographical element from one of the 93 manuscripts: the letter ‘F’ as designed by hand by a Franciscan monk. The color palettes and typography of the historic texts themselves were the source of inspiration for the styling. 

The graphical work and ideation influences in part the architect’s work, which incorporates graphic panels and typography that will be designed by my Studio. In addition, will be a collaboration with the multimedia designer producing the show’s immersion videos and touch screen additions.

Sanctioned by Pope Francis and sponsored by the St. Francis Day Foundation, the exhibition is set to premiere on October 2 at Palazzo Braschi in Rome, then traveling to Assisi in 2025. Curated by Fra Carlo Bottero, this exhibition stands as a testament to the rich history and interdisciplinary knowledge encapsulated in these treasured manuscripts.

Working on this hand-written assignment that transmits information about the natural world, medicine, and science played a big part in the inspiration process of bringing this to the public.