Interiors and inspiration from the pages of an Italian design mag

Fashion has Vogue. Entrepreneurship, Forbes. Music, Rolling Stone.

All these phenomenal magazines cater to a very different type of audience, and yet are completely iconic in their own original design, creating an identity within each print. From photos and covers, to fonts and logos, each aspect is carefully chosen to represent the brand both on the page and on the screen. While all of these publications are gorgeous in their own right, there is one magazine I constantly gravitate to more than all the others: Living Magazine.

It’s a streamlined magazine – and unglossy in the best sense. It is not easily found on international news stands, but once a month, it comes discreetly tucked into the national newspaper il Corriere della sera.

With a keen eye on every small detail, this gem of a magazine consistently packs a lot of astute content. From the latest trends in interiors to city guides on the best designs to interviews of the design avant-garde, it is truly a pool of wonder for the visual eye to dive in. Each photo is brought to life with an intricate characteristic in every shot.

It’s a lean magazine compared to some of its counterparts, like Maison Française or Elle Decor – it’s not flashy or wildly glamorous. What I enjoy about it is their minimalistic, journalistic approach to describing personas in the world of design, and the rooms they inhabit. Photo essays pair furniture and industrial design with fashion in clever, chromatically edgy shots.

It is this all encompassing attention that makes it my go-to favorite for design inspiration. Whatever I find my next project to be, whether a painting, web design or a personal home renovation, the Corriere della sera‘s Living Magazine keeps my imagination sparked.