Inspiration | Seven Creative Lights

From my desk to yours, here’s my short list of seven bright lights inspiring me as of late. These fabulous entrepreneurial women are on my big radar, and a few, luckily, in my inner circle.

The list could certainly go on… and will!

Iris Apfel

The vibrant and iconic, unforgettable Iris Apfel is a style maven for all times. Honoring her 100th year, H&M invited her to collaborate on a Spring line, sure to be vivid and eclectic – the dose of the wild we all are collectively craving. “Style is not about spending a lot of money. It’s not about what or who you wear, but how you feel when wearing something. Style is about self-expression and, above all, attitude,” says Iris. I can’t wait to see what her vision will be.

Bobbi Brown

Her makeup brand and business sense are obviously incredible, but what left me inspired this week was her genuine, straight-up video style. As a Gen. X-er who finds video a sometimes-obnoxious, definitely not-native medium, I love watching creators like Brown make non-fussy content. Her new makeup line is just that as well – totally brilliant in its simplicity.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress, business owner, holistic health lover- there’s not much Gwyneth can’t do. Similar to Bobbi Brown, I was left inspired on another creative Tiktok video that makes this medium way more appetizing to me.

Regena Thomashauer

Known as “Mama Gena,” Regena Thomashauer is a tour de force of authentic femininity. I was lucky to be a student in her early days teaching groups of women to own their pleasure from her Upper West Side brownstone. These days, she’s a powerhouse influencer who has turned thousands of women on to their joy.

Christy Strauch

Christy is an inspired and inspiring author and coach whose mission is to see artists’ work flourish in the world. Her Instagram interview series with artists focuses on their process – I’ve been honored to be her guest a few times. I highly recommend her latest book, “Artists: Prosper!” (look out for one of my Iconics in the accompanying workbook, too!).

Elizabeth Dee

Curator and innovative art world leader, Elizabeth Dee is the founder of the Independent Art Fair. Our friendship dates back to our Mount Holyoke College years – it’s been wonderful to observe one another’s lives unfold since those days. Her work in the art world has been profound.

Rosella Migliaccio

Author of Armocromia and Forme, founder of the Italian Image Institute, color expert Rosella Migliacco has an Instagram presence to study for its impact. Her stories captivate with color polls and guessing games, and her highlights are truly fascinating. She’s all appearance, backed by serious smarts.


Who inspires you? Share it with me! I’m always on the look out for incredible people who share their art + ideas + knowledge with the world, lighting the way of innovation.