Evoking Emotion On and Off the Canvas

This past month, I have loved being able to stretch my artistic wings in new directions. Most recently, I was fortunate enough to join Lupo Lanzara of the Accademia di Moda e Costume, to the opening night of the Turner show at Chiostro del Bramante.

The unique collection on loan from the Tate London features over 90 artworks of the British artist’s dream-like works. From sketches and drawings to watercolors and oil paintings, the exhibit was truly magical; but what made the evening was the electric atmosphere of art lovers all around.

Every individual could feel the emotion and appreciation that swept through us all, as Turner’s works encapsulated so much in one scene. Inside the galleries, clusters of people were eager to gaze on the painted windows into Turner’s soul – his landscape and sky paintings. Outside the gallery rooms, the medieval halls of the Chiostro buzzed with enthusiasm – reconnections and new introductions in the ambience of art.

When on an artist date with another person, their own creativity and energy forms a dynamic with the experience – and this night was no exception. “Indistinctness is my forte,” said Turner. In this humble expression, the artist reflected a truth about the power of subtlety and the in-between places that often hold great feeling. In his work for his family-owned fashion school, Lupo is one who must adapt constantly to shifting ideas in the design education world, expressing his creativity in intangible connections and relationships.

Diffused yet rich color work made up landscapes paused in time, clouds not roaming across the skies, but stuck in the beautiful moment emerged by the artist. Depictions that were so carefully created, and curated, that you felt as if you yourself were living within each scene. Nature and romanticism merged and ebbed exquisitely.

It is no question as to Turner’s brilliance, and it is understandable that his talent was inspiration for the likes of Claude Monet, Van Gogh, Rothko,Cy Twombly and so many more. The Turner exhibit truly was an evening of emotional beauty both on the canvas and in the crowd.