Design for Creatives | Some recent sites

Designing and developing websites for creatives is among of my favorite types of work. Besides getting to collaborate with such amazing talents, it gives me immense pleasure to help put more beautiful and inspired work into the world through their website development.

I’ve done many individuals’ websites – from photographers to pianists to doctors writers and solopreneurs. Most recently, I’ve designed the web sites of two artists across the world – LA jazz musician Peter Smith and Italian visual artist Francesca de Rubeis.

Many artists (myself included!) often find it difficult to self promote, to describe one’s work and to organize it in a cohesive way for another to understand. Our abstract thinking is sometimes too hard to articulate in words, which is why we seek other means of expression or at least another creative mind to follow our train of thought.

What I did for both of these amazing talents was organize and streamline their content into a simple site structure that makes it easy for their visitors to navigate. In addition, with my team at Rome Design Agency, we devised a marketing audit and then provided direction on social media campaigns, scheduling, post types and ideas.

It’s a deep pleasure to work with artists whose work and spirit is so beautiful to witness up close.