Custom Designs | Behind the Art

Whenever I am commissioned to do a custom collage, my heart starts to beat a little bit faster. I am passionate about the exploration that occurs with the inspiration from a custom commission. This is due to one big aspect: personalized details. 

The great designer Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” The strongest works of art are the ones whose details are so finely tuned they cannot be removed or seen without the rest of the design. 

In a recent request from the mothers of my son’s class, I created a set of beautiful personalized totes for the teachers. I incorporated the years they’ve been with these teachers: I to V with the class section C. This was blended with painting, and some stylized roses, each teacher with her own palette.

In a custom design for a pop-up military store, I incorporated textures and the Italian military logos into the backdrop. Yet, an “about page” on a corporate website also called for artistic digital collage.

Custom collage has many applications – from symbolic gift items to backdrops, but also web pages, covers and video. Commissions are an opportunity to play with new elements and bring artistic life to a client’s ideas. Expression comes alive, and the message is felt and understood through the fine details. Where does custom collage work for you? Email me to discuss.