Creating The Studio Tote | Screen-Printing

One of the most beautiful aspects of vacationing is having time to oneself – time to recoup, dream, and enrich the spirit.  With each journey, I often enjoy taking a retreat or trying something new. Whether a chosen class or simply a new skill, I find myself a student, leisurely but eagerly absorbing new ideas.

During my most recent trip to New York, I jumped into the world of screen-printing in Brooklyn, a contemporary hub of artisans and makers. The result? Delighting in an amazing experience as well as creating a new product: a branded canvas tote.

Using a base frame, squeegee, light and color, I learned the art of imprinting designs on to fabric. The process from start to finish is slow and methodical, but the results are truly that of great expression. The teacher suggested using a one-color image to start with, and my logo was my immediate choice. I imagined creating a few key items for fun – for myself and some friends. But the finished product got your attention on Facebook, inspiring me to make this a part of my Studio’s offerings.

Using a traditional screen-printing method, involving the direct transfer of oil-based ink on the fabric, I created an eye-catching tote with my logo in fluorescent magenta. Then I sign the back. Each tote is made of sturdy, natural color canvas, and is individually made by me. I named it the Studio Tote.

The most amazing part of this new lesson was the response from you all! Thank you for all of your encouragement and for embracing it so much on social media, direct messages and purchases!

I can’t wait to start doing more projects like these going forward, and to continue to grow as a designer. And, for anyone wanting their own magenta palm logo tote, head over to my shop to pick up your own

Thank you again so much for the inspiration and support! I can’t wait for what’s to come next.