Command of Copywriting

Oh the kaleidoscopic world of the Internet! Constantly bringing into play a new era of gathering information – and of course there is more than enough information out there! You can come across dozens and dozens of websites, articles, lists, quizzes and more even when you are looking for something as simple as a new smoothie recipe. Nowadays the issue isn’t finding information, its finding good information. As a web designer it becomes my business to figure out how to make a website the best it can be for my client as well as those searching for it.

There is one player in the game of web design that always seems to influence the choice between good and bad information: copywriting.

Copywriting is simply the text that goes into all aspects of publicity for a company or brand. It can cover a broad spectrum of necessary resources for your business. From actual text for your website, to pamphlets sent to homes, to a monthly email sent out to clients – all aspects of writing for your business have to deal with copywriting.

Strong text can take your business to new heights within the working world. While almost anyone can have a beautiful website full of high quality pictures, information about their business and great web design, having responsive text and copywriting can change it all. If your copywriting and text doesn’t match the idea you are trying to send to your customers, you may in fact lose out.

Having good copy is what makes good design seem great. Whenever you are thinking about copywriting it’s important to consider a couple of factors.

First of all you need to have a strong understanding of your own message and what you are offering to your clients. The strongest words will have a clear concept behind it that can add and create understanding down to every last detail. The concept is more than just how a design looks, it’s about the validity and power behind an idea that makes the text strong.

Another factor that adds to copywriting is a comprehensive understanding of who your audience is. If your brand is targeted towards young adults, then your copy should match that demographic. Regardless of who you are targeting, you should have a deeper sense of what your clients are looking for and how to give that to them through writing.

Checking out competitors within the same audience realm can add to copywriting by observing what seems work for them, as well as what doesn’t work. Understanding competitors gives you a clear example as to what your own target audience is looking for.

At the end of the day your audience is what matters when it comes to copywriting. It is not about “I” but rather “you”. What does your business offer that other businesses can’t provide for your clientele? Your copywriting should suggest a sense of “this is about you” rather than trying to sell your company in the most obvious way. It is always better to create a strong platform as to what you can give to your clients before you ask anything of them.

Finally, good copywriting is to the point. Very few people nowadays will truly read entire articles or posts line for line. There is a reason there are so many list form articles out in the world: people want concise information! Copywriting should take into consideration how to say more for less. You don’t want to lose your audience due to the lack of an attention span.

Strong copywrite is the force that can allow a project to truly come together. It attracts audiences, handles information and provides a service to those looking for your business.