Capturing the Chaotic with Photography Workshops

Bustling streets are my calling of home. Whether it is Rome or New York, there is a certain passion that lives amongst the chaotic undertones of each metropolis. It is hard to summarize and capture this liveliness for others. Many have tried to pose the feeling of the concrete jungle, but there is always something missing in the planned.

Part of the beauty of New York is the constant bustling and excitement of every unknown face. The characteristics of the city are made in the large hours of fleeting moments, so when trying to capture New York how do you do it? Can you do it?

Rome Photography Workshops is excited to teach you how to find those fleeting moments on camera. During 6 limited Pop-Ups in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Italian photographers Mauro Benedetti and Livio Mancini take the urban landscape as the classroom of character. Finding your own story amongst the unpredictable urban landscape, New York will become your classroom and subject.

Street photography is a growing medium because it is true to life. The unplanned adventures that great us whether we like it or not around every corner. Rome Photography Workshops’ skilled photographers will guide you through the proper techniques and skills to create original photo stories that fit with the theme or “character” of the Pop-Up.

Storytelling requires more than just the point and click of a lens. It is an intense narrative incorporating body language, ways of looking, technical skills, and postproduction skills. These PopUp shops aim to teach participants just that.

Regardless if you are a tourist holding a camera for the first time or a photographer holding it for the thousandth, these immersive visual experiences will help you grow. Moving through the metropolis landscape a new view of the city begins to unfold, a new narrative between you and your lens.

Discovering more within your creative self begins with signing up, this can be done at Rome Photography Workshops website. Choose one Pop-Up or choose them all, either way you will walk a way with a new vision and skillset.