“Beauty Shot” | Birthday 2022 Giveaway

In honor of my March 4th birthday, I’m giving YOU a gift.

As much receiving gifts on my special day is an amazing feeling, what I want most is to send a gift to you – my dear  – whether you are a friend, reader, client, collaborator or observer or some of everything!
I have two gifts of one new artwork. The first one is a special present for anyone who’s willing to follow a few simple steps to participate. The artwork is entitled “Beauty Shot”. Scroll down to read about the work itself.
The second gift arrives on my birthday – stay tuned!

Gift Number One

One Lucky Winner

Winner! Congratulations to Leonie who will receive a signed copy of the original poster!

Gift Number TWO

For You….

For everyone until March 31

I am gifting all of you a digital copy of Beauty Shot 

Here is the JPG of Beauty Shot. This is a high resolution, digital file of my artwork that you are free to print in any format, make wallpaper and share. Available during my entire birthday month of March 2022.

To download, enter your name and email below and you will receive the link with the file.

about the work

Beauty Shot is a digital collage, in the style of my Iconics series.

Amidst a layered, painterly composition bathed in shades of pale pink, emerge the words of an Italian esoteric author, Salvatore Brizzi, regarding an awakening of consciousness:

“At a certain point, what must occur is a collapse of the mind and an entry into a non-ordinary state of consciousness, where the Truth about the Universe is immediately realized, yet not communicable – if not through art.”

While the concept that Beauty (artistic beauty) is Truth (and Truth, Beauty) has been expressed throughout time by philosophers, poets and artists, the idea felt new when I read it in Italian, in the context of sublimating the mind in deference to a spiritual, intuitive awareness. I love that the surprise that this deeply internal process can be affected externally exclusively through art.