Artistically Elevated Essentials | Meet Clù

Being an creative entrepreneur has always been a fast-paced ride packed with learning. I’ve had my own design business since my college days, and can happily say that I’ve been able to create many different types of designs: from packaging to murals, to magazines and of course, my mainstay, websites.

Now, I’m excited to officially launch this next expression as a designer: Collection01 for Clù. These are artistic objects, created to offer elegance and innovation to daily life, in short: to elevate the essentials. In Collection 01, there are three distinct product designs.

Art-as-Scarf: Made from silk Habotai or matte Crepe, these 100% scarves capture the true colors and concepts portrayed in my art pieces.

Totem Trays: This series features original drawings and paintings, expressed on various-sized trays for a highlight of beauty on your table or desk.


FRIEZES: The power of words on the subconscious – in the ancient tradition of architectural friezes, reminding you of what’s integral to you. In English or Italian.


Utilizing the same art techniques I use for my own pieces, I have translated all of this beautiful work into everyday areas of life. Handcrafted in my studio, these pieces hold a piece of an artist’s soul for moments of connection. I hope you enjoy these works and this new phase of my design life!