Artist Date | Vibrancy Top to Bottom at Temple

Temple University’s Rome campus is a treasure trove for art students. Here, the creative energy pulses through the halls, where artists encounter an eclectic mix of students and faculty they might not meet back at the huge home campus in the U.S. The Rome Design Agency is proud to host a design intern from Temple and be connected to this stellar program.

In the printmaking studio

The dynamic intern placement team invited me to the campus in Rome’s Flaminio neighborhood to see their renovations and view the faculty exhibit on display. What wowed me was the vibrancy of this academic hub – felt immediately upon entering into the bustling, student-filled central hall, adjacent to the art gallery, the Tiber flowing outside grand windows. From the basement where the printmaking studios are located, up to the top floors where the architecture students enjoy airy views, and every floor between, this palazzo is brimming with creativity.

The faculty exhibit showed off sparkling talent in a range of mediums. The silver tondo by Mark Shetabi, shimmering on a wood panel, resonated with me, as this is a medium and shape I often use. The photographs by Lucy Clink were stunning in their harmonious compositions, luminosity and gorgeous print technique. The presence of the darkroom at Temple is inspiring in itself – a rare find in the digital era.

From this auspicious introduction, I can only look forward to deepening the connections with the wonderful artists, professors and facilitators at Temple.