Announcing… Ethereal

“…that which is delicate and impermeable.

I am so excited to announced the launch of the Ethereal Collection for Clù. This collection is about the line between worlds and where they meet, it is about the things that are light, and that which inspires light.

The scarves in this line are my paintings of the insides of seashells. The trays are butterfly wings. The glimpse before and the glimpse after an experience of beauty – the mutability of light and motion, the subtleties of that which is felt and not necessarily seen – these were my ideas when creating these designs. This new collection brings that which is intangible to the practical.

It’s also the first time “Bespoke Boards” are launching. These are glass cutting boards – and I’ve had them on my mind for quite some time. It’s fitting that they make their debut in the Ethereal context. This grouping of “Bespoke Boards” is entitled Aura. Each Bespoke Board has been carefully created and titled according to, well, the aura that arrives from it.

The medium of a glass cutting board is also one that immediately drew my interest. Similar to my Iconics series which is printed on acrylic, the Bespoke Boards gives off a sense of light. I love the translucent effect and the ability for light to be amplified off the material.

It’s also a way to bring a reminder to daily tasks, another reason why I am so passionate about creating Art-as-Objects. It is my personal philosophy that we should be surrounded by beauty whenever possible. With Bespoke Boards, the kitchen countertop (or beyond) has the opportunity to become a transformative space. It becomes a reminder of the higher self, the Ethereal.