2020 | A Decade in Review

It feels as if just yesterday “20 years ago” meant the ’80’s and not 2000. As this decade ends, I am so grateful for every journey I’ve experienced. From the most intensely wonderful, to the seriously challenging moments, every event has been an opportunity to expand my awareness and evolve into new ideas, a deepening sense of self and service.

Here are my highlights of the past decade.


  • Clients
    My clients allow me to venture into new design territory, exploring expression in ways I would not have imagined. From a fashiony television show, to mothers in Rome, to insurance corporations, to art history tour guides, to a luxury hotel – and more – my clients’ visions are what challenge my creativity on an ongoing basis.
  • Shop
    A long-held vision I’ve had was to create a product line and design shop. This past year, I was able to launch a few products: the Scarf City Series, Design Totes and Affirmation Stickers are my favorites. More to come in the next years.


  • Ludovico
    It does not do it justice to say becoming a mother was one of the most incredible moments of the decade. Ludo is by far the greatest peak I have been given during this time. Learning to care not just for him but with him has been a feat of true adoration and love. To be honest, it is not even comprehendible a life before all of this. It is said by so many, but being a mother is one of the greatest gifts. It calls on all aspects of our being: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Yet, it is the single most amazing accomplishment to nurture a serene and self-aware child, to witness and mold an unforgettable piece of life– and to ultimately let go.
  • Dual City Life
    When I chose to make the move to Rome 13 years ago, I always knew a part of me would never fully let go of New York. After all, it had been my home my entire life. But, I also never imagined my family would become not only a dual-city family, but also a two-country family. This could not be possible without my biggest support and partner, Mauro. It has taken many tiresome tries, but today I feel confident saying that we have gotten this beautiful lifestyle down pat.


  • Iconic Series
    Throughout the 2010’s I have been working and adding to my Iconics series of digital etchings. What started out as a simple practice, to produce one per month, has become so much more, as these works have been exhibited, acquired and part of people’s lives.
  • Art Therapy
    One of the big transformations of my life in this past decade was getting closer to how art transforms not only the canvas, but also the soul. After finishing the program at the College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy, I am now an internationally certified art therapist. In addition, I have also been named an Experiential Specialist, allowing me to work with experiential therapeutic techniques (psychodrama) in groups.
  • Art Shows
    Dual countries came into play for more than just my family this year. I was so blessed to show multiple art shows around the world. From Rome to New York, I was given the chance to showcase my work in some amazing places. I hope to expand this in the coming years to more cities and contexts.


  • Rome Photography Workshop & Open City
    I love sharing the knowledge I have, exchanging information and wisdom as both teacher and student. That is what inspired the start of these two businesses. One is focused on sharing the photographic beauty of Rome. The other is a hub of self-development classes and courses – in person, in Rome.
  • Italian Journal
    The Italian Journal Magazine was truly a labor of love. After being out of publication for years, I decided to breathe new life into it and bring it back to its culturally influential glory over the past years. While its frequency of publication has slowed, I am working with the Italian Academy Foundation to renew this.
  • Friends of La Scala Opera Society
    One of the highlights of 2019 was attending the opening night at La Scala opera as a guest of the Friends of La Scala Opera Society. Since then, my interest in this organization was peaked, and I offered to contribute publicity and design to this group. They since asked me, and I accepted to join their Board.


This decade has been a wild one full of so much growth. Thank you for sticking beside me throughout it. Some of you may be new here, others a bit longer, but no matter what I am so grateful for every one of you on this journey and your own.

Here is to another splendid 10 years….