When 100 Iconics Became a Book

This March 2023 marked a major milestone in my career as an artist and writer. I created my 100th Iconic, I live for beauty, from my Iconics / Poetics series.

When I began making the works that would eventually become the Iconics / Poetics series, the intention was to give a gift to my patrons and audience. Each month, I delved into my imagination, what I was reflecting on or inspired by, and created an artwork from this.  Each of the 100 Iconics / Poetics is a unique piece of art that reflects a part of me in time. In many of the works, I reference iconic imagery and verse.

The series was named only after a few years, when I was asked to exhibit the works printed on acrylic at the Union League Club Gallery in New York. The name of the show stuck – and the series was baptized.

In celebration of the 100 Iconics milestone, I present a beautiful catalog of all the works in this series.

This is an art book of over 200 pages, with my comments on each of the works, shown in chronological order. In the book, the story of the past years comes to life through the artworks.