Pantone’s Peach | Warm and Soft for 2024

Last year’s Pantone color Viva Magenta mirrored the very essence of my brand and person preference: bright, modern, futuristic. This year’s color is by contrast, soft, warm and has a retro feeling. Pantone’s choice for 2024, Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023) is a sensual pale orange hue that, according to Pantone, radiates kindness.

The color has appeared in several of my Iconics series, chosen in fact for its softness. I have also used Peach or pale orange in my scarf designs, like the Rococo detail above.

This hue is a quasi-neutral, but with a warmth that makes it favor colors like olive, mahogany, teal and burnt orange. See all the Iconics that contain this color here. I look forward to seeing the diffusion of this soft color in the new year!