CARGO x Open City

I’ve hosted Vision Mapping sessions in some special places – but this recent one was really unforgettable. In the heart of Prati, the design store CARGO was the destination for a dream mapping workshop.

As always, this was designed to guide attendees through the creative process of making a collage that authentically reflect their deepest, unconscious desires. Through colalge, we set the stage for manifestation – sometimes speedily! Witnessing each person’s unique dreams and aspirations come to life on their collages is always a profound and fun experience.


Thank you to everyone who joined me in creating your dream map. Your energy and enthusiasm made the workshop a truly memorable experience. I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to CARGO– a treasure trove of  creativity, inspiration and incredible designs. If you haven’t visited yet, you can pay them a visit at Via Cola di Rienzo 34-36.

We will be continuing the collaboration – this Fall – with creative workshops in October and November at Cargo. If you’d like to join me there, get on the Open City experiences email list… and consider joining our Group for Creatives where we boost your creativity monthly online.