Travel is a Memory

Each morning I walk the same route to drop my son off at the nursery and then go to work. I pass the same stores and mentally note the changing mannequins, signage and crowd at the bar, pizzeria and market on the way. The first day back from summer vacation made it all look new again.

The desktop background is about returning home after travels. I found a beautiful antique map graphic that inspired the idea. The color is a burnt terracotta, recalling hours in the sun and perhaps hinting at fall’s warm palette. This particular orange also appeared in the form of a sweater in one of those stylish stores I passed my first day back. Amidst dark brown wool and crepe outfits surrounding it, the deep color almost glowed with warmth. It was paired with a leather belt and dark brown skinny jeans.

I look forward to fall, while still savoring the summer’s restful effect on my mind and spirit. I think this is what early September feels like.

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Orange in fall fashion