Snow in Rome is a novel site. Familiar architectural silhouettes and the pines are stark and serene covered in white. The blanched city surprises me with its stillness and silence. I appreciate the blank canvas effect and how it stirs my imagination. I think of the austerity of Agnes Martin‘s works, and the minimalist artists and designers whose work evoke this paradox — a simple form offsetting the complexity and depth of the inner world.

The background design I offer is a digital painting, a meditation of snow, shades of white and winter.


I can see humility
Delicate and white
It is satisfying
Just by itself. . .

And Trust
absolute trust
a gift
a precious gift

I would rather think of humility than
anything else.

Humility, the beautiful daughter
She cannot do either right or wrong
She does not do anything
All of her ways are empty
Infinitely light and delicate
She treads an even path.
Sweet, smiling, uninterrupted, free.

. . . Agnes Martin 1973