Restart Retreat Video Series

With the end of summer hurling around the corner it seems as if fall will be amongst us before the tan lines on our skin have time to fade. But the fast approaching change of the seasons means the time for change within ourselves. It brings even closer the transformative retreat I have co-created with the psychodrama therapist Valerie Simon: Awakening the Authentic Selfhappening in Tuscany this September.

To help bring a better level of understanding to Awakening the Authentic Self, myself and co-founder of the retreat Dr. Valerie Simon have created an four-part video series explaining the significance of the retreat within the context of the “stuckness” of our constantly busy lives. The videos aim to help bring clarity and understanding to the abundance of wealth that Awakening the Authentic Self can bring to your life regardless of where you find yourself.

We both loved the process of creating the videos in her New York studio, where one of the walls is painted a gorgeous blue, providing the simple backdrop. We used video as a way to reach our clients and participants more personally – to give them a feel for who we are.

Throughout the video series, Valerie and I answer the questions we hear the most from those wondering about the retreat. We share stories as to how we found not only psychodrama ourselves, but also how we came to build our own beautiful relationship with one another and the creation this wonderful Retreat.

Outside of learning about our professional backgrounds, the video series truly answers the burning question of “Why should I go on this retreat?” There is a point in the videos where Valerie goes into depth on the true essence and value of a retreat as opposed to a workshop.

What’s so great about going on a retreat I think is that the retreat starts the minute you’re packing your suitcase, and the minute you’ve already signed up you’re already kind of in the mindset of what am I going to work on? How is this going to benefit? What do I want to bring into this retreat?”

You see the Retreat is not only about discovering what you want to find within yourself, it is also about the journey within and outside of yourself that is the truly memorable and emotional aspect of Awakening the Authentic Self. Although I am not a therapist myself, my passion for psychodrama and the extraordinary transformation it can bring to one’s life is the core drive for this retreat. As far as Valerie and I know, there’s nothing like this in Southern Europe.

Through countless hours of dedicated work and a vision that has led to a reality Awakening the Authentic Self brings a new level of emotional healing to all those willing to release themselves to the journey and transform their viewpoints within the beautiful landscape of Tuscany.

For more information and a clearer understanding of Restart Retreats: Awakening the Authentic Self I encourage you to watch our videos and begin uncovering the layers of your own journey.

View the full video series here.